Strategy, leadership, and operating culture

One Point Three Limited provides management consulting, business advice, executive coaching, and facilitation services for clients in industry, commerce, government, and the uniformed services. For more than thirty years we have specialised on strategy, leadership, and operating culture. Our work is about helping good executives run great businesses.

We have used our knowledge, tradecraft, and perspectives to make a difference for our clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Western Europe, in North America and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Middle East, and East and South East Asia. We have been privileged to work with clients in sectors including: Airlines, Business Support Services, Civil Nuclear, Civil Service, Consumer Goods, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Research and Development, Retail, and the United Kingdom’s armed forces.

One Point Three Limited is an industry partner of University of Birmingham Business School in the United Kingdom.

How we work

We work with organisations, teams, and individuals. We work for clients who are in business, so our work, whether consulting, advisory, or coaching, is always informed and derives its context from the first and master question; the one about mission and perspective. What are you seeking to achieve and why? [What are you here to achieve and why?] This makes us results focused, and we are proud of the results our clients achieve with us.

Our work is bespoke, with each and every one of our contributions tuned specifically to the circumstances, needs, and goals of our individual clients. The way we work and the solutions we put forward are based on trusted methods and consistently proven know-how. We support the development of our ideas through research. We place well-learned experience at the heart of everything we do.

Get in touch

Dr Andrew Wells is our company’s founder and managing partner. Andrew is our main point of contact for enquiries about our client services. We invite you to get in touch with Andrew by email at andrewwells@onepointthree.com We look forward to hearing from you.

For general enquiries please email us at: email@onepointthree.com


We publish original articles. These are available below for you to view and download. We encourage citation of our ideas, and welcome sharing of these articles, with the proviso that the author(s) and source are acknowledged. The copyright to each publication is owned by its author(s) or designee.

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The first principle of a magnitude betterAmongst all the factors that contribute to successful organisational leadership, the first and master principle is the selection and maintenance of your aim. The call in this article is to take this factor far more seriously in business than is commonly done: to apply quality of thought, attention, and care in crafting your aim. Then to express it and integrate it more effectively into the fabric of what your people do.
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Why we must change the way we changeChange unlocks value. Challenges to conventional wisdom are a basis for change. When we push our thinking we can find greater value even in our “tried and trusted” ways of working. Let’s change the way we look at change by adjusting our expectations. That leads us towards opening up our thinking and our ambitions: about how we go about getting change to happen, and make it stick, and how we might do that at pace.
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Time for some leadership development? Start with WTF…In this article describes a two stage approach to accelerating and enshrining good leadership throughout a business organisation. In the first stage we co-create leadership people can relate to and get the momentum going. The second stage takes us further, to a shift in leadership thinking, and the transformation of leadership behaviours.
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The way we look at things around hereWhat is organisational culture? How about this: “it’s the way we look at things around here”. For many business unit managers this simple idea could lead to a more easily implemented, faster, and more effective shift in organisational culture. An approach of more practical use to leaders in business organisations and on big complex projects.
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