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Thank you for visiting onepointthree.com. This is the web connection point for the leadership and management consulting firm One Point Three.

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In business, leadership goes hand-in-glove with management. One Point Three is a leadership and management consulting firm. We advise both on management issues and on how to get the desired effect from leadership. We specialise in particular on strategic and operational leadership.

Leadership is both an individual pursuit and a collective endeavour. We work with individuals, groups and with organisations. Our emphasis is firmly on effect: how to get things moving, to make a difference, to change the game. Tailored to the scenario, whether that be change, merger, transformation or business as usual, our know-how and our bespoke advice, coaching and facilitation will help you set your business on the trajectory you want.


Our clients use our ideas and they also enrich them. Our clients employ our methods, frameworks and templates for successful applied leadership and more effective management. One Point Three is both an operating company providing consulting services to clients, and a vehicle for innovation in applied business methods. Our ideas are proven through real-life problem solving in our client work: supporting leaders in commerce, the public sector and in uniformed service organisations. We develop our ideas too through our own management research, as well as sponsoring studies through academic partners.

Our company was established in 2001. We regularly work across the UK and throughout Western Europe. We have deployed on assignment to work with clients to North America and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Middle East, East and South East Asia. We typically work with large organisations. Our clients hail from industry sectors as diverse as Defence, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Civil Nuclear and Business Services.


Our engagements are bespoke: unique in each case, to match our clients and their specific needs. Under the umbrella of One Point Three, we have developed new methods and better templates to make the tasks of leadership and management in business organisations easier, quicker and more assured. Our innovations are designed to give leaders a head start, to make their endeavour more productive, and to give greater reach, impact and effect.

Our templates for successful leadership in large organisations include:

Lens and Compass Method®

The Lens and Compass Method® is designed to facilitate strategy implementation and accelerated culture change. It is a strategic method that offers great effect particularly when used in periods of merger, transformation and business turnaround.

Safety Lens®

Our Safety Lens® is an innovative approach to safety leadership. Use of the Safety Lens® approach is transformative and provides measurable effect.

Click here for an example of a Safety Lens® in use as the foundation for how a diverse FTSE 100 group ensures safety worldwide.