Thank you for your interest in One Point Three Limited. One Point Three Limited provides general management consulting and specialist change consulting, advice and information services to clients in commerce and industry, the public sector and uniformed service organisations.  We help good executives run great businesses, and we help fix problems too.

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One Point Three

At One Point Three we enable people to lead better and help them to get change to happen in particular, in the organisations in which they work.  We look at change as a desired effect that our clients want to achieve, an aim that our clients have which we can help them deliver faster and more reliably, not a process or activity that they undertake nor a programme for us to sell to them. Getting change to happen is critical to success in most business organisations, and in many individuals’ business careers too, at some point.  That is the point at which One Point Three’s contribution makes the difference.

Our company started in 2001. Since then we have been making a difference for clients throughout the United Kingdom, and in Western Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Middle East, East and South East Asia. Our clients are from sectors as diverse as Defence, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Civil Nuclear, Business Services, Civil Service, and the United Kingdom’s defence forces.

We work on change to do with safety, sales, sustainability, customer service, organisational performance, post acquisition integration, business transformation, organisational culture and more…  …whatever and wherever our clients’ change challenges might be.



We offer a bespoke consulting service precisely to match our clients’ needs.  Just like our clients, no two jobs are the same.  We are not content with many of the approaches to change we see elsewhere: those which take too long, keep lots of consultants employed, and too often don’t work out the way they were promised.  We say getting change to happen should be low cost, fast and reliable.  That is the professional ask and it is not unreasonable for you to make it.

Leading for [purpose]™ is the working title for an approach we use to create more effective leader development pathways for business organisations. The Leading for [purpose]™ approach is the culmination of two decades of work at One Point Three Limited: built on our experience hands-on problem solving with our clients and research with our partners at University of Birmingham Business School.

Leading for [purpose]™ is about co-creating, developing and embedding uniquely effective, differentiating leadership for your organisation to meet your organisation’s unique and differentiated aims and purpose.  Hence “Leading for [purpose]”.  Your purpose.  We use a working title for a good reason: our solutions are unique every time.

Leading for [purpose]™ pathways typically have two discrete stages and are designed around engagement and momentum at the foundational stage.  We then work with you to refine and extend your goals, to build a trajectory to develop and install the differentiating leadership qualities you need, and to embed those across your organisation.  Our method of delivery has been de-risked to enable confidence building through trial and demonstration.

Please take a look at one of the essays published on this web-site (click the Publishing tab at the top of this page): “Time of some leadership development? Start with WTF…” for further information on the principles of this unique approach.


Lens and Compass®

Three of the essays published on this web-site (click the Publishing tab at the top of this page):

“Why we must change the way we change”
“Time for some leadership development? Start with WTF…”
“The way we look at things around here”

…together set out our call for change and improvement in the way change is delivered in business, and in so much else.  Some years ago we formalised One Point Three’s Lens and Compass® method as one response to that call.  The Lens and Compass® method was originally created to facilitate strategy implementation where an accelerated culture change is required.  It is a strategic framework that offers great effect particularly when used in periods of merger, transformation and change, and business turnaround.

Our Safety Lens® method is an off-shoot in a similar vein, developed to provide a faster, easier, more reliable approach to installing safety leadership and building a safety culture.  It is based on our Lens and Compass® method but applied specifically to safety in the workplace.  Use of the Safety Lens® approach is transformative and provides measurable effect on safety performance.

The Lens and Compass® method is exemplified in the public realm by the Aliaxis Group EMEA Lens [CIPD awards 2015 Best Change Management Initiative], the Cavendish Nuclear culture lens, and the Babcock International Group Safety Lens.