One Point Three Limited provides management consulting and facilitation services, and business advice. Most of our work draws on our know-how in marketing, operating culture, and leadership. All our work is about helping good executives run great businesses.

One Point Three Limited is run by people in business for people in business. For three decades we have been using our experience, skills, and perspectives to help make a difference for clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Western Europe, in North America and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Middle East, and East and South East Asia. We have clients in sectors including: Airlines, Business Support Services, Civil Nuclear, Civil Service, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Research and Development, Retail, and the United Kingdom’s armed forces.

Our work is bespoke. Our solutions, frameworks, and the methods we put forward are based on consistently proven ideas and trusted know-how. We place well-learned experience at the heart of everything we do.

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Framing the question: our leadership consulting work

There will be a corps of people on whom you must rely when you run an organisation of any more than about 150 people. These are the people who occupy the managerial positions. Whether your organisation is 150 people strong or has 30,000 employees or more, with this group lies the “life-force” of your company. There are two things you must ask the “life-force” to do for you, and do really well…

Manage the task; lead the people

Managing the task keeps most in managerial roles preoccupied every day. After more than thirty years in business though, as management advisers and facilitators, around the world, across industry sectors, with businesses teams large and small, in any language you like, there is a simple observation we make. “Lead the people” is the part of the equation that most frequency goes missing in action. We guess you will know this too.

There is much more to “lead the people” in contemporary organisations than developing and expressing individuals’ leadership competence. In fact as an imperative in business it is not primarily about individual leadership at all any more. “Lead the people” is about marshalling the collective force of leadership, those many individual contributions aligned to the collective goal. To achieve that you need a systematic way of ensuring the delivery of coherent leadership effect, as well as developing individuals’ competence. At One Point Three Limited we have focused our consulting business on giving our clients clearly better means to do this, wherever they are, whatever they do. The result is a sustained shift in achievement.