About Us

One Point Three

Thank you for visiting onepointthree.com. This is the web connection point for One Point Three Ltd.

Here you will find the sign-in to our client area, some links, and an outline of what we do, where we work and how we work.

What we do

One Point Three is a management consulting and leadership coaching company. We specialise in working with lead teams in business organisations: those small groups of executives who together carry the can for the performance of their business unit.

We help good executive teams run great businesses, and we help fix problems too.

We know about business, because first and foremost we are here to help people who are in business. We know about management and we know about organisational leadership. We know about team dynamics.

We combine business savvy with professional nous. We will tell you insightful things and we work in engaging ways, but throughout our purpose is always the same: to build on what makes you successful and to overcome what holds you back.

Where we work

One Point Three provides consulting services to clients in commerce and industry, the public sector and uniformed service organisations.

Most regularly we work across the UK. Our company was established in 2001 and since then we have also deployed on engagements with clients throughout Western Europe, in North America and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Middle East, East and South East Asia. Our clients are from industry sectors as diverse as Defence, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Financial Services Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Civil Nuclear, Business Services and the United Kingdom’s Military.

How we work

Our engagements are bespoke: unique in each case, to match our clients and their specific needs.

Under the umbrella of One Point Three, we have developed new methods and better templates to make the tasks of leadership and management in business organisations easier, quicker and more assured. Where appropriate we use our innovations to give lead teams a head start, to make their endeavour more productive, and to give greater reach, impact and effect.

Our templates for successful leadership in large organisations include:

Lens and Compass Method®

The Lens and Compass Method® is designed to facilitate strategy implementation and accelerated culture change. It is a strategic framework that offers great effect particularly when used in periods of merger, transformation and change, and business turnaround.

Safety Lens®

Our Safety Lens® is an innovative approach to safety leadership. Use of the Safety Lens® approach is transformative and provides measurable effect.

Visible and felt leadership coaching

Our unique version of visible and felt leadership coaching, rather than leadership training, complements our Lens and Compass Method® and is a key people engagement technique. We use visible and felt leadership coaching with the manager/leader/supervisor cadre in a business to facilitate and accelerate the influence of the lead team.